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The Alyeska Pipeline Service Company Alaska Native Fellowship supports Alaska Native students at the UAF School of Management. Students receive scholarship funds to help with the cost of their education.

“It is nice to have support from outside of your family and friends–it shows others care about your goals and future success. I felt an added accountability and incentive to keep up my performance–I didn’t want to let anyone down.” –Nelson Carpluk

“It feels good to know that the community as a whole is supporting Native students going into business. Even in our own corporations, there aren’t enough managers who are Native– many times we have to hire outsiders to come in and
manage us.” –Jennifer Maguire

“The Alyeska Pipeline Alaska Native Fellowship allows me to work less and have more time to focus on scholastic activities and my family. I am doing my best to carry on the tradition of excellence that has become synonymous with this award.” –Rodney Carpluk