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Amy SkyaAmy Skya is earning her business administration degree and will graduate in May 2014. She interned at BP over the summer of 2013 and has accepted a position at BP as a financial analyst.

I decided to pursue a business administration degree because I was always interested in the dynamics of what makes a business succeed. Multinational companies help drive world commerce which affects us all in so many ways. Being educated in business is critical both personally and professionally. In addition, I wanted to have the flexibility of applying my business knowledge anywhere, giving me an array of career options.

I wanted to intern for BP because of its worldwide presence, as well as hearing how great they treat their employees. I would visit the recruiting table and I was always greeted by extremely friendly people which made an internship very attractive.

The things that I learned from the internship are invaluable since I worked on projects that make a difference within the company. I learned that communication within such an organization is extremely critical. People do not just work independently; rather they are always relaying information to help one another. Thus, information sharing is what helps a business operate efficiently and effectively. I also learned to take the initiative when it comes to attaining goals to get to where I need to be.

The advice I have for students interested in internships is: do it! It makes all the difference in attaining real work experience and applying that knowledge back in school. Internships are a wonderful opportunity to get your foot in the door. Attend career fairs, information sessions, meetings, anything to help expose yourself to the recruiting team so they can get to know you and you know them.

The best thing about my internship is the quality experience that I gained from working on such a meaningful project. Also, networking and meeting so many other talented interns and employees. The bonds we made really enriched the experience.