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The Alyeska Pipeline Service Company Alaska Native Fellowship supports Alaska Native students at the UAF School of Management. Students receive scholarship funds to help with the cost of their education. Lynn Church and Selina Sam are the newest recipients of this fellowship.

Lynn Church

Lynn (center) with her sisters.

Lynn (center) with her sisters.

Lynn is working on an undergraduate degree in business administration and plans to graduate in May 2015. After graduation, she plans to continue her education in the MBA program.

Growing up in Alaska, Lynn understands the need for a well-educated workforce and believes her passion for business will help her succeed.

Raised in rural Alaska, Lynn faced many obstacles with her education, including her struggle with a learning disability. As a child, she was frequently labeled as being “special” by her teachers, which only drove her to try harder. Refusing to let her disability control her life, Lynn is working towards being the first college graduate in her family.

Lynn credits her success of overcoming her learning disability to her family, whom she believes gave her hope for the future. Family members like her Uncle Larry inspired her to make education a top priority and challenged her fears of failure. Lynn’s family has given her a sense of strength that will help her succeed in earning her degree and propel her towards a career in business after graduating.

Selina Sam

Selina wearing her Miss Nuchalawayya regalia.

Selina wearing her Miss Nuchalawayya regalia.

Selina is majoring in business administration and is expected to graduate in 2016. She is honored to receive this award and thankful for the help she’s received. Selina strives to challenge herself and understands her hard work now will allow more business opportunities in the future.

Growing up in rural Alaska has given Selina a love for being outdoors with her family. During her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family while going moose hunting and berry picking. During the winters, she can be seen riding her snow machine to her family cabin where they recently began trapping. Selina also embraces her Alaska Native culture through her dance group and by making beaded sun catchers. She was crowned Miss Nuchalawayya in

Selina appreciates Tanana’s close-knit community and wishes to stay close to where she grew up. Choosing to enroll at UAF allowed Selina to visit home in Tanana more frequently. Selina hopes that with her degree, she can begin to improve communities around Alaska.